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Cuba is a unique country, which seems to cast a spell on residents and visitors alike. This politically and culturally significant island boasts fine beaches, warm seas, powerful rums and vibrant nightlife. There are also scenic mountains, colonial cities, and unspoilt sugar plantations.

An area ripe for walking around and savouring the atmosphere is Old Havana. Its vintage cars, crumbling pastel façades, colonial architecture and small bars where salsa music wafts through the doorways, take you back to another era. Here you can visit the Cathedral of San Cristobal, the national museum, and the nearby monument to Che Guevara.

Must-see stops on an island which has enough sights to merit a year of exploration include the old town of Trinidad. The town is designated as an historic site; and it is easy to see why when you wander the winding streets and gaze at the pastel-shaded residences and churches. Trinidad is one of the most impressive colonial towns in the Americas, and its major attraction is the 18th century Museo Romantico situated on the main square.

Located in the tropical Caribbean Sea, Cuba has two distinct seasons: the rainy season from May to October, and the cooler dry season from November to April. The annual hurricane season is from June to October, when the risk of storms is at its greatest.

From Columbus' arrival in 1492, through war between Spain and America in 1898, and to the triumph of revolutionary guerrillas led by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara in 1959, Cuba has punched far above its weight in historical importance. The legacy of Castro's triumph still resonates loudly with US sanctions against the communist state remaining in place.

Most visitors arrive in Cuba by air, with Havana handling the majority of international flights. It is also possible to arrive by boat, although you have to apply for a government permit to enter the national waters and dock in a marina. There are no direct flights between Cuba and the United States, with most North American visitors arriving via Jamaica.

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