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Driving in Egypt is not recommended as there are few rules that are either adhered to or enforced. The roads are mostly of very poor quality, with numerous bumps and potholes. Egyptian drivers overtake dangerously all the time and visitors should beware of cars coming towards them in their own lane. Night driving is particularly dangerous as headlights are sometimes not used. Driving time to Aswan from Cairo is 16 hours.

You can easily reach Aswan by rail. Trains depart from Ramses Station in Cairo to Aswan. The most expensive and luxurious trains from Cairo to Luxor and Aswan are the Wagonlits sleepers, with dining and lounge cars. One-way tickets cost £300 for a double cabin and £460 for a single. The train leaves once a day, at 19:45. The much less comfortable lines run daily to Luxor and Aswan and other upper Egyptian cities at 07:30 and 22:00, with an extra train to Luxor at 12:30; fares are £39 to £73, depending on class.

Alternatively, you can catch a bus or service taxi from Ahmed Halmi Terminal near Ramses Station in Cairo. Buses are an inexpensive means of travelling between cities in Egypt. Generally they are safe, if not always relaxing. Most companies have installed videos to play Arabic and Indian movies at top volume, even on night buses.

The most convenient method of travel to Aswan is by air. Cairo International Airport is located 22kms northeast of central Cairo and is the main international gateway to Egypt; from there, Egypt Air operates regular flights to Aswan and Abu Simbel.

For a bit more luxury and adventure, you will also find four- to six-day cruises down the Nile with accommodation en route. These have been plying the world's longest lake since the Thomas Cook first established tours to Egypt. A less comfortable but more intriguing option is aboard the traditional Dhow-shaped Felluca boats, offering an authentic and timeless experience.

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