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Munich is the capital of Bavaria, home to the BMW and best known for its great beer, Lederhosen and hearty cuisine. The city is a haven for all sorts of culture, featuring a staggering array of museums; a vibrant arts scene; and the famous Oktoberfest that draw thousands of people annually. In fact, Munich has more museums than any other city in Germany.

Gastronomically, don't miss the popular blood sausage, 'Schlachtplatte', (literally meaning slaughter platter) and the excellent Weisswurst, veal sausage, which is only available before midday. Bavaria is also home to some of the most stunning castles and historic sights in Germany.

The compact nature of the city centre and parking restrictions make Munich a perfect city to explore on foot. The Altstadt, old town, is full of sights, including churches, a thriving market and museums. Walks along the banks of the Isar River are relaxing; and, no visit to Munich would be complete without a beer and pretzel at the famous Hofbräuhaus.

Munich's central location makes it a perfect place to explore the outlying areas, which boast stunning natural beauty. Many fairytale castles dot the countryside, including the famous Neu Schwanstein. The Five Lakes Region is a wonderful destination at the foot of the Bavarian Alps. Farther afield, it is easy to reach Austria, Italy and Switzerland, taking the German autobahns.

Nature and gardens are a central theme in Munich; the city is full of parks and gardens. The memorable ones are the Hirschberg and the Englischer Garten, the largest city park in Europe, where sunbathing in the nude is the thing to do.

Munich has a diverse history. At one point, it was the hub of the National Socialist movement with Hitler at its helm. The notorious Dachau concentration camp is also located in the outskirts of Munich. During the WWII, the city was heavily bombed by the Allies; post-war reconstruction and an effort to recreate the city of old have given Munich the charm it boasts today.

Travelling to the city is simple, with Munich boasting the second largest airport in Germany. Munich is also well-connected by the German autobahn network, as well as trains and buses, giving visitors easy access to the neighbouring countries such as Austria.

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