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Just across the gulf from Corinth, the Peloponnese peninsula is studded with medieval castles and monasteries, bounded by sandy beaches and dominated by two of Greece's most impressive mountain ranges.

With the exception of Athens and Delphi, virtually every famous ancient site in Greece is in the Peloponnese, including: the awesome Mycenaean palaces of kings Agamemnon and Nestor at Mycenae and Pylos; the mysterious thick-walled Mycenaean fortress at Tiryns; the magnificent classical temples at Corinth, Nemea, Vassae and Olympia; and the monumental theatres at Argos and Epidaurus, which are still used for performances today.

Tucked away in the valleys and hanging precipitously from the mountainsides are hundreds of the villages which are among the Peloponnese's greatest treasures. For an intensely relaxing experience, spend an evening under the trees in tiny Andritsena, where the sheep bells are usually the loudest sound at night, and oregano and flowering broom scent the hills.

Activities vary from water sports in the beach areas, especially around the gulf region, to trekking in the mountainous areas. Hiking is a popular pastime and the slopes of Mt Taygetos and the Mani region of bleak mountains and barren landscapes are both great hiking country.

If you have a car and some extra days to spare, you can see most of the important sites in the northern Peloponnese, including the lovely harbour town of Nafplion. From Nafplion, head to Tripolis and Olympia, taking in some of the Arcadian mountain villages and perhaps the temple of Vassae en route.

The 8A motorway runs from Athens to the south of Corinth and links up with the E65 highway running to Tripoli in the centre of the Peloponnese. Travelling to the Peloponnese by train is convenient and relatively inexpensive, with trains departing from Peloponnissos Station in Athens. KTEL provides frequent buses from Terminal A, outside Athens, to most areas of the Peloponnese. The nearest airport is at Kalamata, capital of Messinia prefecture in the southern Peloponnese.

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