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Perissa is located among the Cyclades group, on the island of Santorini in the southern Aegean Sea. This beach resort attracts visitors with its laidback, party atmosphere and close proximity to the island's main attractions. It is also famous for its unusual red and black sand beaches and dramatic backdrop - remnants of the island's volcanic past.

Located at the southeastern tip of Santorini, Perissa is a beach resort first and foremost, and home to one of the most popular beaches on the island. The unique black lava sand and clear deep blue sea are the main attraction here. Seafront taverns, hotels, camping facilities and shady trees add to the area's popularity.

Perissa is well known for its beach bars, which are entertaining and stay open until late. They combine a 'day club scene' with swimsuits, beach volleyball and other events. Dress lightly and carry as little as possible because there is a good chance of getting soaked.

Cafés can be found everywhere, with typical decor being traditional and atmospheric; frappé (iced coffee) is the favourite Greek summer beverage. After you've had your fill of coffee, you can try one of many water sports, including waterskiing, windsurfing and paddle boating.

A drive around the caldera and the villages that skirt it is a must. Much of the capital, Thira (or Fira), was destroyed during the earthquake and has been subsequently rebuilt, perching precariously on the cliff edge; still standing are the fine 19th century mansions, and a castle. Pirgos, a village on a steep hill just above the island's port at Athinios, is ideal for strolling, with its maze of narrow pathways, steps, chapels, and squares.

Closer to Perissa is the remarkable archaeological excavations of Akriti - relatively new but extremely important find which details the sophistication of the Minoans who occupied the island before it blew itself apart in volcanic fury.

Santorini's airport is located near the village of Karterados, about 20kms northeast of Perissa. You can transfer via a bus which circulates the island every 30 minutes; taxis are also in abundance. There is a car ferry service to and from Piraeus in Athens at least twice daily, usually via Paros; a high-speed catamaran service is also available and is twice as fast.

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Perissa - Santorini Hotels
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