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Located in the Northern Sporades group of islands, Skopelos is the largest and some say the most beautiful of the islands. With an old town imbued with local tradition and a myriad of cafés, bars and restaurants, this island offers the quintessential Greek holiday.

You can wander around the narrow cobbled streets up to the many churches without worrying about vehicles and noise. The oldest of the churches is Ayios Michali, and you can walk up to the hill and past the police station to get there. The Venetian Kastro that you'll see overlooking the town is well worth the trek.

Finding your way around this historic town can be difficult, as the streets are twisted into a labyrinthine pattern. However, there are so many landmarks, it's not such a bad idea to get lost. If you really want to go shopping, head up the main street that leads from the centre of the paralia.

If you are looking for chaotic nightlife, then the sister island of Skiathos is better suited to your needs, although some good bars in the eastern part of town can become pretty raucous through the night. Along the beachfront there are some good restaurants with local live music playing.

An interesting trip from the island would be a ferry ride over to the town of Glossa, or to the island of Skiathos. The National Marine Park opposite the island of Alonissos affords the opportunity to see dolphins and the ruins of an ancient underwater city.

You cannot fly directly to Skopelos; however, you can fly to nearby Skiathos and take a hydrofoil or ferry to the northern port of Loutraki or the more popular Skopelos town. Alternatively, take a boat or hydrofoil from Ayios Konstandinos to Skopelos. It is possible to arrange a three-hour bus ride from Athens to Ayios Konstandinos. From Skiathos, the ferry to Skopelos takes 90 minutes if you call at Skopelos town, or 45 minutes if you get off at Glossa/Loutraki.

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Skopelos Hotels
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