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Travelers heading to Chepstow will find a wide range of hotels to choose from. Whether you are looking for cheap hotels in Chepstow, simple bed and breakfast or a luxurious hotel you are guaranteed to find a suitable place to stay. Among the hotels that offer cheap and affordable prices are Beaufort Hotel, Chepstow Hotel, and Wye Valley Hotel. These hotels also have excellent service so your stay will be relatively smooth sailing. Some hotels even have their own pub or restaurant where you can get refreshing drinks and some tasty dishes. Hotels in Chepstow are comfortable to stay in with an advantage of being closer to some of the tourist attractions in the area. You will be surprised with how much you can manage to save when staying in these hotels while in Chepstow.

As soon as you have already settled in, you can begin exploring Chepstow. Chepstow opens its doors to Wales and with its historical structures waiting to be explored you will find plenty of things to do here. Chepstow’ Castle is one of the famous landmarks to be found here. This castle dates back to the 11th century and is the first fortress ever to be built out of stone. This fortress is divided into three: the Upper, Middle and Lower wards. Near the fortress is the city’s museum that houses various exhibits that feature Chepstow’s colorful past. Chepstow also has a tranquil forest that is ideal for picnic, hiking as well as other recreational activities which will be enjoyed by the whole family.

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