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Algeria is the second-largest country in Africa, and borders the Mediterranean Sea. Algeria’s economy has suffered due to the ravages of war; however, it remains one of the most popular tourist areas in North Africa. The country boasts a diverse landscape, and hotels in Algeria usually offer either a desert, sea or city view.

Algiers is the nation’s capital and the business centre. Although its economy has broadened in recent years, agriculture is still the mainstay. Goods such as cotton, tobacco, olive oil, cereals, vegetables and fruit are cultivated for the country and for export.

There are some interesting sites in the city, such as museums and ancient ruins, but most visitors choose to stay in coastal hotels in Algeria, in order to enjoy the sea breeze and easy access to the beach. Algeria hotels provide good quality accommodation and are always located in safe areas suitable for tourists.

In the area close to the Sahara, the town of Beni-Isguen is a religious centre and Ouargla is a picturesque market town. The Turquoise Coast and Sidi Fredj Peninsula offer fantastic views of the ocean and the Algeria hotels in this region are of a high standard.

Most hotels in Algeria are well equipped and offer visitors a range of services such as room service, minibar, tennis courts, an indoor gym, spa and swimming pool. Services vary depending on the hotel and price range; however, staff always provide a friendly service regardless of the hotel’s star rating.

There are more than 50 airports in Algeria, providing connections to a long list of international destinations. There are flight routes between Algeria and most countries, but flights are not regular due to lack of demand. There is an excellent railway network within Algeria, connecting most major destinations. Car hire is also a great way to see the sights, although the poor road quality can sometimes spoil the fun.

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