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Vicenza is about halfway between Padova and Verona in Italy. The small city boasts wonderful architecture by Vicenza-born architect Andrea Palladio. Visit the impressive Basilica in the Piazza dei Signori and other Palladian buildings along the Corso Palladio. Also visit La Rotonda, a Palladian villa admired by Goethe.

In 1994 UNESCO recognized Vicenza, with its historic centre and sixteen Palladian villas, on its World Heritage List as a town rich in history and with one of the most important artistic heritages in Italy. A stroll around Vicenza's medieval streets to see the Italian and Flemish art in the Museo Civico is also worthwhile.

In the city and its surrounding area, art, historic villas and mountains are just a few of the features that attract visitors. Sports lovers can participate in a range of activities in the attractive province including: golf, horseback riding, free climbing, cross-country and downhill skiing, canoeing, tennis and hang-gliding.

Vicenza is not merely an urban centre but is also a province with an incredible variety of landscapes, made even more precious by the beauty of towns such as Asiago, Bassano del Grappa and Marostica. The region includes diverse landscapes such as: lush woodland, plateaus, hills and agricultural areas.

Vicenza is also a place of ancient and noble traditions, both a city and a province on which you can feel the history of past centuries has left an indelible mark. The 16th century in particular, was the time of the great architect Andrea Palladio, who left Vicenza a priceless artistic heritage.

If you're driving, Vicenza is an hour away from Milan; 1 hour, 30 minutes from Bologna; and 30 minutes from Venice and Verona. The city is on the main Brescia-Padua train route and is easily reached by train at just 2 hours from Milan or 1 hour, 30 minutes from Bologna. There are two convenient airports near Vicenza, servicing both national and international scheduled flights: Venezia Tessèra (Venice's Marco Polo Airport) and Verona Villafranca (Verona's Valerio Catullo Airport).

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