2 Women Arrested for Attempting to Smuggle Dead Relative on easyJet Plane

by Ella FAIRCHILD on April 7, 2010

Two women were arrested at the Liverpool John Lennon Airport when they tried to smuggle a dead relative on an easyJet flight to Berlin. The couple rolled the man up to a check-in desk in a wheelchair wearing sunglasses to hide him. The staff became worried about the man’s conditions and called a first aid team to check him out.

After the first aid team saw him, they decided to call the authorities, which is when they discovered he was really dead - not just sleeping like the women said. According to a police source, authorities realized there was something wrong with the 91-year-old man when they tried to talk to him. Then the women were arrested, as the officers thought they didn’t file the proper notification of death. After being questioned, the women were released on bail.

When someone is sending the remains of a body overseas, there is certain paperwork required, while the body is suppose to be transported in a hermetically-sealed zinc-lined coffin and loaded with the cargo. The man was a German national, so the women were trying to skip out on this process to save money and time. Officers don’t think foul play was involved, but are investigating the cause of death.

A spokeswoman for easyJet said that 2 women with a man in a wheelchair arrived to check in. The staff were immediately worried for the man’s health, so they called a first aid team, she continued, adding that the authorities were called when it was discovered he was dead. An airport spokeswoman commented that the event was a little strange, and she’s never heard of anything like it.

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