3 Who Planned Terror Convicted in UK Court

by Alister POOLE on September 10, 2009

A plan that was hatched by al Qaida in Pakistan and thwarted in London has finally come to a close as today three men, who planned a deadly terrorist attack, were convicted by a London court.   Three muslims from Britain had planned to blow up at least seven trans-Atlantic airplanes with bombs that they had hidden inside bottles of soda.   The three were convicted today of attempting to attacked airplanes which were headed for the United States and Canada.

The plan, which would have surely killed thousands and done untold political damage, would have been the deadliest act of terrorism since the attack on the Trade Towers on September 11, 2001.   The London court cited several reasons why this attack would have been horrible.  In addition to the lives lost, it would have most certainly raised political tension between London and Washington, as there were hundreds of Americans on the flights.

Even though it is good news that the attack was stopped, this will now mean more bad news for travelers, who will face even tighter regulations at the airport.  This will include stricter rules about carryon luggage and liquids, which were already under tight security. 

In addition, the attempted attack will certainly cause the United States to review its visa waiver policy, which allows citizens from the United Kingdom and select other countries in Europe, to enter America without a visa.
The targeted flights all departed from London and were headed to major U.S. cities and Canadian including Chicago, San Francisco, Montreal, and Toronto.

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