AA staff member expects sack for parody clip

by William ASTON on February 13, 2012

A long-serving American Airlines flight attendant last night confirmed that his employer has threatened to fire him over homemade YouTube videos that poked fun at the company’s executives.

Gailen David, who has been employed by American Airlines for almost 25 years, told reporters how he doesn’t regret his action as he gave his fellow Americans a much-needed laugh. In one of the clips, which is entitled “Aluminum Lady” — a direct parody of the film ” The Iron Lady,” about ex-UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher —saw him dressing as a high-flying female executive and wielding a toy airplane.

In another video, David played a real American executive while mocking the recent letter she wrote to all American Airlines employees. The Miami-born man explained that he thought he would get in front of the camera to read her letter how it was really meant.

American had to declare bankruptcy in November last year and this month announced that it needs to get rid of 2,300 flight attendants. David revealed that his bosses demanded he take the videos down from YouTube before summoning him to a Friday disciplinary meeting that he didn’t attend.

David has thus far refused to take down his video as, in his eyes, too many people are receiving enjoyment from them at the moment. The attendant told of how his supervisor informed him that he now stands at risk of being fired for insubordination over not attending the meeting. As of yet, he is yet to receive any official word on having already had his contract terminated.

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