Aeroflot turns heads with ’sexy’ yearly calendar ad campaign

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on July 5, 2010

Despite the air travel industry’s notorious reputation for naughty ads, Russia’s largest carrier, Aeroflot, has pushed the envelope of class in their latest promotional tool.

Its nothing new for an airline to come under fire in regards to its marketing tactics and ad campaigns, however, Aeroflot’s latest marketing ploy has even the air industry’s heads turning. The airline’s annual calendar raised eyebrows by featuring naked flight attendants posing alongside the company’s aircraft.

The ‘naughty’ calendars are supposedly being handed out to VIP members in the airline’s loyalty scheme, but prior to release the images have already been leaked all over the internet. The images appeared online only a matter of days after another Russian carrier, budget airline Avianova, launched a commercial featuring bikini-clad flight attendants washing down one of its planes.

Ryanair, Ireland’s premier budget airline, has also received flack for its annual calendar, while Spanish airline, Air Comet, saw its cabin crew release nude pictures in protest of withheld wages. The trend has pervaded the air travel industry with US airline Spirirt Airlines joining in with an ad campaign also featuring bikini-wearing models doused in sunscreen.

However, the calendar from Aeroflot has been set apart for its particularly explicit nature. The airline has reportedly been trying to improve passenger behaviour aboard the carrier, which has experience trouble in the past with unruly economy class customers consuming too much alcohol. Since then, the carrier has banned alcohol sales within economy class seating. According to the airline, the move was necessary as the carrier offers routes that are notorious destinations for binge drinkers.

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