Air France accuses Airbus of ignoring warnings

by Emily DUNBAR on November 29, 2010

Air France has sent in documents to the team investigating its Brazil-France flight, which crashed into the Atlantic last June, saying that Airbus knew there was problems.

The document, which was publicised by France’s Liberation, accuses the jet maker of ignoring warnings from the carrier regarding the unreliability of the speed sensors on the Airbus A330. In the report, Airbus along with its supplier Thales are named as failing to heed the airline’s warnings that the Pitots, as the sensors are named, could ice over causing them to fail.

An Airbus representative, Anne Galabert said that the jet manufacturer had no comment for the report as Air France had failed to send it to their lawyers and as such experts had not yet reviewed it.

The crash, which killed all 228 people on board the flight, plunged into the Atlantic after being berated by a thunderstorm on 1 June 2009. The black boxes on the plane have yet to be uncovered along with a majority of the plane’s body. So far, 50 bodies have been recovered, but the remainder are still missing.

Families of the victims met the move from Air France with open arms as they become desperate for officials to uncover the cause of the crash. Air France’s lawyer said that the document has been sent to the judge presiding over the case for review.

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