Air France cockpit voice recorder discovered

by Alister POOLE on May 3, 2011

The cockpit voice recorder of an Air France airplane that crashed in 2009 has been discovered, according to French investigators.

The find comes just a couple of days after the airliner’s data recorder was also successfully retrieved from the Atlantic Ocean. Amazingly, both recorders have been reported as being in good physical condition.

On the 1st of June 2009, all 228 people that were on board an Air France Airbus A330 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris died when it went down. Speaking to a French radio station, France’s Transport Minister, Mr Thierry Mariani, told of his hope that the real cause of the crash will finally be learnt in around three weeks’ time.

The Bureau of Investigation and Analysis, or BEA, in France said that the cockpit voice recorder will be shipped to France before Friday. Speaking on its condition, a spokeswoman insisted that the item is in good shape and only when it has arrived on French shores will experts be able to rule whether it is usable.

Last week, a specially-appointed French search team discovered the outer casing then the memory units of the flight’s data recorder. It was located on Sunday morning, as part of a search that covered over 3,800 square miles of the Atlantic’s sea floor, then arrived on a search vessel shortly after.

Those working on the case say that the two flight recorders contain data that provide the only hope of being able to find out why the aircraft crashed.

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