Air France plane flight recording readable

by Alister POOLE on May 17, 2011

Flight recordings from the Air France plane that plunged into the Atlantic Ocean have been preserved and remain readable, according to French investigators.

They say that the material from the retrieved voice and data recorders are now going to be analysed and that the final two hours of voice recordings from the cockpit are included with the readings.

Following operations that saw the opening, extraction, cleaning, and drying of the memory cards from this plane’s flight recorders, safety investigators have been able to download the necessary data over the weekend, said the BEA, one of the world’s leading air investigation agencies, said through a statement. The downloads gathered every piece of data that the flight data recorder stored, in addition to the enire recording of the final two hours of the jet’s life and its last ever flight, it continued.

Any information that has been gleaned from the cockpit’s data recorders is going to take months to be completely processed, investigators have warned. The report into what caused the crash is not going to be ready before 2012, although interim reports are going to be published this summer, confirmed the BEA on Monday.

On the 1st of June, Flight AF447 went down after it ran into what was an incredibly intense high-altitude thunderstorm, just four hours into its journey from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. Not just Brazilian and French citizens were on board, with 30 countries represented in total.

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