Airline costs blow for Boris island airport

by Alister POOLE on January 25, 2012

The enormous cost of constructing a new Thames Valley airport will mean that airlines will pay at least seven times as much in landing fees when compared with current costs at Heathrow, according to an industry analyst.

Senior figures in the British airports sector spoke to The Sunday Telegraph and told them that the current cost of safely landing at Heathrow Airport for airlines is around £15 per passenger. This figure might rise to £100 a passenger for a new airport, in the wake of estimates that the proposed Thames estuary site might cost as much as £50bn, which is over four times the asset value of Heathrow Airport at £12bn. Many analysts have put the cost of constructing Thames estuary as high at £70bn.

Just last week, Downing Street signalled how keen it is to take a detailed look at plans to build a new hub to the east of London. Key sources have said that there is growing frustration with the Coalition Government, which was meant to announce results of its most recent analysis of the current aviation policy in March. This event now looks as though it will be nothing more than a rehearsal of the choices.

Should another round of consultation be announced on a Thames estuary airport, it is highly likely that any proposals won’t be scrutinised until 2013. The Mayor of London, the enigmatic Boris Johnson, has publicly backed an airport just off the coast of Kent coast with plans having also been put forward for one to be built on the Isle of Grain by Lord Foster.

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