Airline gets behind moustache campaign; Movember well under way

by Emily DUNBAR on November 7, 2012

The UK’s flagship carrier, British Airways, has offered its support to the yearly “Movember” charity campaign through adorning an Airbus A319 aircraft in its fleet with a giant moustache.

BA has also been encouraging staff to participate in the campaign that aims to increase awareness of prostate cancer via growing facial hair. Mr Kyle Patchett, currently employed by BA as a cabin crew member, unveiled the new makeover of the aircraft while also sporting impressive whiskers himself.

The carrier has revealed that it hopes it can raise £80,000 for the Prostate Cancer Charity just in this month alone. Ms Liz Wilkinson, BA’s head of health services, remarked that the airline is always keen to express its support for Movember, as it’s a charity campaign that is dear to everyone’s heart at British Airways - especially with ex-CEO Lord Marshall having suffered from the disease.

In addition to raising money, Ms Wilkinson continued, the campaign aims to raise awareness too with regards to early detection and then prevention of prostate cancer and similar illnesses. Representing the airline, a spokesman explained how BA considered various styles of moustache to adorn the aeroplane.

Among them were the pencil made famous by Errol Flynn, Joseph Stalin’s handlebar and Hulk Hogan’s horseshoe. The “connoisseur”, similar to that of Mr Pringle, was finally decided upon.

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