Airlines ask for financial assistance over biofuels development

by Ella FAIRCHILD on June 8, 2012

Airlines require government support in order to make sure biofuels are more affordable while pollution and carbon emissions are reduced, the worldwide aviation industry group’s chief has said.

Roughly 1,500 commercial flights have already been completed using fuel from a mixture of plants and waste products, however supplies are both limited and costly according to Tony Tyler - the International Air Transport Association’s chief executive. Mr Tyler commented that the government must adopt policies that help the support of commercialisation of biofuels while bringing the volume up and the price down.

The industry has come under increasing pressure to limit its environmental impact after the EU introduced the ETS - Emissions Trading Scheme -back in January, under which carriers operating around Europe have to be charged should they exceed carbon emission limits. Governments of North American countries and Russia haven’t refrained from voicing the opposition they have to ETS, while at the same time India and China have demanded that their airlines don’t cooperate with ETS.

In response, the EU has gone on record saying that it will reconsider its policy in the event that the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization comes up with a global agreement on regulating emissions. While aviation only accounts for three per cent of all man-made carbon emissions, experts have said that it is one of the world’s fastest-growing sources.

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