Airlines Boosting Revenue with Hidden Charges

by Alister POOLE on September 2, 2009

British airways, as well as many airlines in the United States are looking for creative and some would say sneaky methods to try to raise revenue in these tough economic times.  With concerns over the global economy and the swine flu outbreak keeping many travelers at home, airlines are struggling to stay alive.  One way some airlines are hoping to save money on fuel, as well as make additional revenue, is by charging customers for additional bags.

The old baggage rule for airlines allowed customers to bring two bags aboard the plane, as well as two small carryon bags.  The new rule will only allow customers one bag to be checked and any additional pieces of luggage will cost the customers a not so modest fee.

Airlines in the United States, including Delta, US Airways, American, and Continental will charge customers 50 dollars per extra bag that they check.  British airlines are following this trend with customers being charge a staggering 40 pounds per extra bag on airlines like Virgin and British Airways.

This follows a recent trend for airlines looking for small ways to save money.  Budget airlines around the world have been charging for bags for some time now, but news that the bigger airlines are following shows just how gloomy the climate really is.

Thanks to The Times for the above information.  For the complete article please visit their website.

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