Airlines face baggage fees legal action

by Alister POOLE on August 3, 2012

Airlines that charge travellers to fly with their suitcase might end up facing legal action in Spain.

Malaga’s public prosecution office is currently putting together cases against a string of airlines that offer flights to and from its city, which includes Ryanair, Jet2, Flybe and easyJet. Sur, an English language newspaper, has claimed that the the office has been compiling a list that details which carriers impose fees to check in luggage, in addition to others that charge their fliers for boarding cards. Within the industry, it is believed that anything from 25 to 20 airlines will be affected.

The case refers to the 1960 Air Navigation Law, which states that carriers are obliged to transport a passenger’s luggage, as well as the passenger, for the price of a flight ticket. Over recent years, costs of checking in luggage when travelling with a low-cost airline have risen steadily.

At present, easyJet levies charges of anything up to £31 a person for luggage on a return flight with Flybe charging from £10 to £31, depending on how big a passenger’s bag is. Elsewhere, charges anything up to £30.

Last month, a leading British broadsheet newspaper reported how total revenue carriers receive from extras including baggage charges increased by 66 per cent over the past two years. In all, global airlines took roughly €18.23 billion between them in “ancillary revenue” last year, which was up from €15 billion in 2010.

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