Airlines Join Forces to Promote Growth

by Emily DUNBAR on December 31, 2009

Over the last year the economy of the world has ground to a halt, leaving many industries struggling to stay alive.  One of these industries is the airline industry, which has seen the number of passengers plummet as people look for ways to save money.  The swine flu virus added to the struggles, as people now had another legitimate reason for not going on holiday.  This has led many airlines to look for new and innovative ways to stay alive until the economy bounces back and people start flying again.  While some airlines have done things like cut flights and reduce fares, others are looking for strategic partnerships that will allow them to weather the storm of the poor economy.    This has led to several airlines striking deals with travel agents to allow them easier access to their information.

Amadeus, Swiss International Airlines, and Lufthansa German Airlines have agreed to a long term content arrangement that will allow travel agents all over the world to access these airlines through Amadeus without paying a surcharge.  Travel agents used to have to pay a fee to access the schedules and fares of these airlines through Amadeus but will now be able to get the same rates, schedules, and information that are available on the airlines’ websites free of charge.  The airlines decided that the best way to maximize their exposure and get the most volume was by allowing greater access to their information.

Amadeus is one of the most important IT partners in the industry, as it is widely used by travel agents around the world.

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