Airlines slowly return to normalcy

by Tiffany Millar on April 22, 2010

Although flight services have resumes as airspace closures are lifted, there are still challenges in dealing with the back-up of passengers that have accumulated in the past week. According to airlines, passengers should expect delays as airlines attempt to restore normality.

Operators have been working out contingency plans as British airspace reopens. So far a planned ‘phased’ resumption for flights in and out of the UK is being put into motion. But airlines must comply with the conditions the Civil Aviation Authority is imposing. Amidst warnings that it could take weeks for normal services to resume, airlines have rushed to reschedule as many flights as possible.

The airspace closure due to the ash plume hovering over most of Europe is believed to have left passengers by the hundreds of thousands stranded. Estimates by industry professionals say the shutdown has cost airlines £130 million per day.

A spokesperson at Heathrow Airport said that it was important that passengers contact the airline prior to arriving at the airport for their flight. He added that airport officials will be doing their best to accommodate all passengers to get people moving, but that passengers would benefit from checking their flight status before arriving at the airport.

A spokesman for London City Airport said that the airport was receiving inbound flights, but that there had been a significant number of flight cancellations. He reiterated the sentiment that passengers should check their flight status prior to arrival at the airport.

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Laura April 23, 2010 at 3:55 pm

“Estimates by industry professionals say the shutdown has cost airlines £130 per day.”

£130 per day? No wonder the airlines are asking for government bail outs!

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