Alec Baldwin kicked off American Airlines plane

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on December 8, 2011

30 Rock star Alec Baldwin insists that he was asked to leave a plane after being found playing a popular game before his flight took off.

The actor said that he was ejected from the Los Angeles to New York American Airlines plane for playing the popular online game - Words with Friends. Baldwin quickly took to his account on Twitter in order to publicly complain, saying that an attendant “reamed him out” after discovering that he was playing the game.

The airline responded on Facebook by posting a status that told of how “an extremely vocal customer” went to the bathroom so that he could continue playing on his phone. The passenger declined when requested to turn off his mobile phone at what was an appropriate time.

According to American Airlines, the cockpit crew requested that flight attendants check the bathroom after they heard a door slam. Apparently, Baldwin was incredibly rude to members of the crew and called them inappropriate names while using highly offensive language, as alleged by the airline.

As anyone that has flown before will know, air passengers are told to make sure they have shut down their smartphones, laptops, and any other electronic devices they have with them before their flight takes off and also before it lands.

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