All You Can Fly Plan Announced by JetBlue

by Alister POOLE on September 11, 2009

Many airlines around the world are struggling due to a drastic downturn in travel and tourism which has many in the industry looking for innovative ways to draw in new customers.  Concerns over the global recession as well as fears over the swine flu outbreak have caused a severe drought in the travel and tourism industry and none have been hit harder than airlines, which have seen the numbers of travelers plummet over the last two years.

Although this is actually good news for travelers, as prices have never been lower, this is terrible news for the airlines, which are seeing more and more competition for the few remaining travelers.  Airlines are now looking for just about any way to fill those empty seats, including discounts on deals, free upgrades in flight class, and JetBlue’s new idea, which is to offer special all you can fly deals.

JetBlue, which is a budget airline, announced its controversial plan, which will allow customers unlimited travel over a thirty day period.  The cost of the ticket is just under six hundred dollars and JetBlue expects thousands to take advantage of the deal.

Although travel is still down overall, JetBlue expects businesses to make up the difference.  Business travel has been way down over the last year, as companies look for ways to save money any way they can.  However, this deal, which looks to be a great bargain for business travelers hopes to bring back many of those who travel for business.

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