American Airlines places Boeing order

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on July 21, 2011

American Airlines has announced a multi-billion dollar order for at least 460 Boeing and Airbus airplanes.

The carrier that is the world’s fourth-largest by the amount of passengers it transports, American is purchasing 200 Boeing 737s, as well as 260 Airbus A320s.

American described the double deals as history’s largest aircraft order. The parent company that owns it, AMR Corporation, has vowed that the new planes will “transform” American’s fleet.

All of the new aircraft are to be delivered from 2013 until 2022. AMR chairman Gerard Arpey spoke at a press conference to announce the move and told of his belief that American Airlines will have the US aviation world’s most modern and fuel-efficient set of planes by 2016.

He added that the new fleet is set to dramatically improve fuel and operating costs, at the same time that financial flexibility is enhanced. As of yet, exact financial details of the deals haven’t been revealed.

Europe’s Airbus, at its own press conference, said that the American order is a strong endorsement. President Tom Enders, who is also chief executive, told of his company’s pride in once again being able to count American among its vast amount of customers.

Airbus says that the order for the 260 planes from the A320 family it has will include the A319 and A320 models, as well as A321s.

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