Astraeus Airlines enters administration

by Ella FAIRCHILD on November 22, 2011

An airline whose pilots once included Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden’s lead singer, has gone into administration.

The Crawley, Sussex-based Astraeus Airlines announced that it has ceased all operations. The carrier, which leased aeroplanes to other airlines, had Bruce Dickinson employed as a pilot – as well as marketing director.

Hugh Perry, Astraeus’ chief executive, blamed business that was “lower than expected” over the summer for a decision to fold the company being made. He said that staff “battled hard” to save their airline, but a lack of contracts this winter, coupled with some “extremely bad luck” also contributed to its decline. Perry added that every effort was made to guarantee that passengers were able to complete their planned journeys without being affected.

Mr Dickinson was the pilot that flew the carrier’s last flight from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to Manchester International Airport yesterday. In past years, he used the airline for transporting his famous heavy metal band for the duration of their world tours.

Additionally, he also flew Liverpool’s football squad to Naples last year so they could face Napoli in an October 2010 Europa League encounter.
Astraeus Airlines was established in 2002 and changed to leasing aeroplanes three years ago.

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