Alfie Featherstone

Alfie Featherstone is an aspiring film director who has tried his hand at making some small movies in his basement.  However, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to survive without a job while tries to make his way, so he got online and found out that he can write for various websites online and make enough to keep himself and his desire alive.  Writing also gives him the extra time to work on becoming a better film director and hopefully a famous one someday.

Alister Poole

Alister Poole is a funeral service manager in a very small village in Europe.  Seeing as there aren’t too many deaths in the small town, he also has another job - writing news for online websites.  Alister loves to help people, and with these two jobs he can give people peace during their time of need as a funeral service manager and keep them up-to-date on what is going on in the world as a writer.

Ella Fairchild

Ella Fairchild was an information technology specialist for a company in the United States, but she is now a news writer.  After some turbulence at work between her and her boss, Ella decided that she needed to find another job - something that would give her more time to spend with her family.  She got online and searched for a way to work from home and found that writing was the answer, and Ella has been doing just that ever since.

Emily Dunbar

Emily Dunbar was a retail sales manager for a store at her local mall, but one of the employees began to twist some of things that she had said, which ended in her being wrongfully terminated.  After a few days she realized that the termination was really a good thing, as the store was going under anyway, and the company would soon close it.  She went online to look for a new job and tried selling cosmetics for a while, but Emily soon found herself looking for something, which led her to writing news for various websites.

Jessica Mcilhinney

Jessica McIlhinney teaches dance students and clients how to dance using the open dining area in her own home.  However, she is also a news writer for online sites, which she does from home as well.  Both of these jobs give Jessica the extra time and flexibility to do more things with her family, especially her young grandchildren, although she can’t wait to retire and get even more time to have fun with them.

William Aston

William Aston is a helicopter pilot for a small travel tours business in France.  He found this job after learning to fly in the US and then moving to the country.  However, when the travel season is slow and there are less tours, William works as a content and news writer for a number of online travel websites, sharing his experiences as a tours helicopter pilot in his writings.