BA Strike not over yet

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on December 28, 2009

Over the past few months the United Kingdom has seen its share of workers strikes.  Several different train and bus operators, including Eurostar, have seen their workers walkout causing major delays.  Earlier in the year, mail service was brought to a standstill by a Royal Mail worker’s strike which cost the country millions of pounds of revenue.  Most recently, cabin crew for British Airways threatened to strike, a move which could have been devastating to British Airways, which has already suffered financially due to the global recession which severely limited the number of flights.  The Supreme Court ruled against the strike after finding that many of the signatures on the union’s ballot came from employees that no longer worked at British Airways.  Although momentum for the strike took a hit, workers have not given up yet and vow to produce another, legally binding ballot.

The labor union Unite, which represents the cabin crew for British Airways, vowed that the High Court’s ruling against the first strike would not stop their efforts.  They plan to hold a second ballot in January and the results are likely to be the same, as the first ballot showed overwhelming support for the strike, which aims at addressing pay issues for cabin crew.  Unite claimed that the ruling by the High Court was a blow against democracy, as it used a technicality to discredit the ballot, even though there was overwhelming support, even without the illegal names.

Unite says that the only thing that can stop future strikes is if British Airways decides to sit down and hammer out a real deal.

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