BA worker pleads not guilty to terror charges

by Alister POOLE on November 30, 2010

A British Airways staff worker has been accused of planning a suicide bomb as he appeared in a London court this week.

Appearing via videolink, the computer expert allegedly used his post at BA to secure sensitive information that could have financially ruined the airline. Furthermore, Rajib Karim, 31, has been accused of staying in Britain solely to earn a British passport as well as the intention of participating in terrorist acts.

Karim is being held in custody until his London court appearance in January. Charges are all based around a time frame of April 2006 to February 2010. Among those charges, Karim has been accused of giving permission for terrorist acts, including the alleged suicide bomb plan.

The Bangladesh-born BA computer worker was reportedly in contact with known terrorist organisations and allegedly had even offered to visit Pakistan or Yemen for further training. Prosecutors have also charged Karim with arriving in the UK to obtain a British passport.

Karim will go before a court in January and be held without release until that time. While appearing on videolink, Karim pled not guilty to the charges.

Among the accusations, officials have said that Karim was plotting to use information he obtained at British Airways to hurt the company financially in a digital attack on the carrier.

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