Banned Right Wing MP to Enter UK

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on October 15, 2009

After successfully appealing a Home Office ban that forbid him from entering the United Kingdom, controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders plans a visit to the UK.  Wilders was turned away from the Heathrow airport in February but now after appealing to the Home Office, Geert Wilders will be allowed to enter the United Kingdom.  Wilders is the MP of the Freedom Party, who created a controversial film which many said promoted hatred and intolerance towards believers in Islam.

Mr. Wilders was accused of Islamophobia after the release of his controversial film Fitna, which links the Koran to acts of terrorism.  Many who viewed the film thought that it was an unfair attack on religion while other applauded Wilders for having the courage to speak his opinions about Islam.  Wilders does not plan to show his film during this visit, but vows that he will show his film in the United Kingdom on a future date. 

The ban which kept Wilders from entering the United Kingdom was lifted by an appeal to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, which ruled that the Home Office ban against Wilders would be lifted.  The Home Office will have a chance to appeal the decision but has not yet decide its course of action.  If the Home Office does appeal the decision they could get a ruling from the Court of Appeal which would ban Wilders from entering the UK pending the hearing.

Wilders claimed that the main reason he wanted to come to the United Kingdom was to open discussion with both those who agreed with him, and those who disagreed.

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