Battered Britain: Gale force winds join up with downpours to trounce UK

by William ASTON on September 21, 2012

The glorious autumnal weather will be blown away by “extreme” conditions and probable flooding over the next few days, it has been warned.

Households across parts of the country have been placed in a state of high alert as of tomorrow night with gale force winds threatening to cause widespread damage alongside torrential showers. Forecasters have warned that the storm currently sweeping across the country will bring about “powerful” gusts exceeding 60mph and anything up to two inches’ worth of rain in just a matter of hours.

Local authorities across the UK have warned of flooding and damage that has or will be caused by tree branches falling to the ground or roofs being blown off. Similarly, motorists have been told to expect travel chaos, particularly in England’s southern, central and eastern areas.

The Met Office has already detailed how tomorrow should be this year’s last “fine” day a week prior to “unsettling” conditions that are the cause of a low pressure system.  The authority has issued “severe” yellow weather warnings for the UK capital London, south west England, Wales and the Home Counties from early Sunday morning as northern areas will experience both clear skies and sunshine.

For tonight, warnings of either “heavy or persistent rain” have been extended for nearly the entire country, with the stormy conditions sweeping north - heralding the close of several weeks’ worth of fine conditions. The continuing threat of wild weather has forced organisers to cancel the popular wildlife walk that usually takes place in Dorset.

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