BB housemates party after winning alcohol in challenge

by Tiffany Millar on July 1, 2010

The Big Brother housemates held quite the party last night after winning a healthy dose of booze during ‘Experiment Human Nature’.

The contestants were each called to a room that contained only a tea cosy and a chair. Left in the room with no instructions, each cast member was supposed to place the tea cosy on top of their heads.

With just Nathan and Josie understanding the expectation - each completed the challenge in under a minute - the rest of the housemates sat in the room baffled. As each individual member attempted to solve the cryptic challenge, tension brewed on set.

Corin passed her time in the room memorising the knitted warmer’s pink and white pattern. Christian minister Dave stole a nap during his quiet time and medical student Sunshine proceeded to tell the cameras all about her day.

Despite the atmosphere in the house being lifted by the presence of the newfound alcohol, Shabby was left in a funk after not being able to complete the individual challenge. Wrongly choosing Sunshine, the lesbian squatter was asked to predict who would first touch the tea cosy. Shabby proceeded to finish off the evening bickering about her failures with Irish student Caoimhe, of whom the aspiring actress has professed having a crush on.

Last week, Sunshine was the one left brooding in the corner, after Ben told the other housemates that she was ‘totally bonkers’. The reality contestants face another round of eliminations this week.

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