Bed and breakfast in the USA

by Alister POOLE on July 28, 2009

The friendly attention you get at a bed and breakfast can sometimes contrast with the more formal and impersonal service you find in a hotel. The owners of the b&b are more than likely to sit and chat and offer inside tips on what to visit in their city and how to get there. It feels like the owners really care that you are there, rather than just one of the many faceless guests at a hotel.

Staying in one of a city’s neighbourhoods, rather than downtown, also gives the feeling of living there. Taking the local bus or subway home in the evening somehow gives you a comfortable sense of ownership. You can imagine what life would be like if you actually lived there.

Usually, the b&bs will be simply decorated, with modern furnishings and have an easy, homey feel. They’re relaxed, informal places where you can just as easily make friends with fellow travellers as keep to yourself and enjoy your privacy.

In the US, b&bs are not always seen in the same light as those in the UK, but in fact it is more likely to be just the somewhat more outgoing style of the American cousins contrasting to the British detachment. Once you experience the warm and friendly “wine and cheese” hour, you will no longer fear that you will be subjected to forced socialization and boring conversation with the far too perky elderly owners.

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