Belfast Airport bomb not linked to US bound cargo planes

by Ella FAIRCHILD on November 1, 2010

The Belfast International Airport was shut down for the entire day Saturday after a bomb was found in a vehicle parked in long-term parking.

Authorities arrived and called bomb experts to the scene after the car was discovered around 2:30pm on Saturday. The vehicle in question has since been removed from the car park for further examination. Bomb threat alerts were called off as of early Sunday morning.

Investigating officers have said that the car had a flammable liquid inside and that the explosive device was large enough to cause significant damage to the surrounding area. Departing and arriving flights at the airport were not affected by the incident, however, some arriving passengers were forced to stay overnight in hotels nearby since all vehicles in the car park were inaccessible.

Authorities say that the Belfast bomb is in no way connected to the recent bombs placed on board US-bound cargo planes. It is believed that the vehicle containing the threat may be linked to dissident republicans.

Assistant Chief Constable Duncan McCausland said that public vigilance was to thank for the incident being avoided. He added that it was the individuals that reported the situation that kept anyone from getting hurt.

This is the second bomb scare in just days in Northern Ireland prompting police to increase measures to counter threats from dissident groups. A warning was also issued to the public to remain vigilant in their daily routine and to report anything out of the ordinary.

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