Big Ben can be prevented from tilting

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on January 24, 2012

A committee of MPs will investigate how Parliament’s Clock Tower – which is better known by the name Big Ben and is one of London’s most famous attractions or landmarks - can be stopped from tilting further, in the wake of surveyors finding that it is leaning.

Constructed back in the 19th century, the Palace of Westminster has also been suffering from cracking. A meeting will be held by the House of Commons Commission today and will discuss the problems. Imperial College’s Professor John Burland said that the lean shouldn’t become a big worry until at least 10,000 more years.

During their meeting, MPs are tipped to discuss the proposal to put the Palace of Westminster up for sale and assume new offices, although it is thought that this is incredibly unlikely to occur. Big Ben, or The Clock Tower, was completed in 1850 and, since then, the Jubilee underground line and a car park totalling five-floors have both been constructed.

Professor Burland, an expert on construction who oversaw the car park being built, told a radio programme that the lean was obvious to him years ago as measurements were made on it. Burland pointed out that there is presently nothing to worry about as all buildings lean a little.

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