Bin Laden wife speaks to authorities

by Alister POOLE on May 5, 2011

One of Osama Bin Laden’s wives has said that her husband lived in the Pakistani compound he was killed in for five years, according to a Pakistani military official.

The wife, who is one of three wives that Bin Laden had and is being held by the authorities, revealed how she had never ventured outside a single room over that period of time, it was added.

The official says that 13 children were also recovered from the property after Bin Laden was killed by US special forces. Infamously, he was widely believed by many to have been the brains behind 9/11’s terrible attacks in 2011 and a string of others that mainly harmed US citizens and interests.

The senior military official, who has insisted on not being named, said that Pakistan’s army has detained all three of Bin Laden’s brides, one of which is from Yemen, after Sunday’s operation in Abbottabad. The other two haven’t been identified yet but the Yemeni wife has told investigators that she never left the room she was in for five years, the same amount of time that her husband spent at the residence.

The official didn’t say whether or not the wife said Bin Laden had stayed on the compound without leaving, as she did, or if he ever ventured out. The woman also told how she was shot by US special forces during the raid. She then fell unconscious but Bin Laden was still alive at this point.

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