Bin men trained on offering tips to tourists

by Ella FAIRCHILD on July 3, 2012

Tourists that can be seen struggling to navigate London this summer are to be able to rely on the geographical expertise of the capital’s bin men and road sweepers.

It has been estimated that roughly four million overseas holidaymakers will visit London this summer, with the vast majority arriving in order to watch the Olympics. Attempting to make their trips trouble-free, road sweepers and bin collectors have been trained with offering directions to overseas visitors, in addition to keeping the streets of the capital spotless.

Every sweeper has been given special training to improve customer service skills, with many already equipped with pocket-sized maps that will help them steer tourists in the direction they should be heading. This new service was launched by Veolia Environment Services in the London Boroughs of Westminster, Camden, Tower Hamlets, and Lambeth – all of which will receive high numbers of foreign visitors this summer.

Councillor Ed Argar of City Management and Transport commented that London’s street sweepers and bin collectors are among the friendliest faces found anywhere in town, which is why they have become unofficial tour guides for the capital. Argar added that the new initiative will make the millions that will head to London this summer feel increasingly welcome.

Jeremy Brinkworth, the head of VisitEngland’s business development department, commented that the launch of the initiative highlights just how much England has been pulling together in order to guarantee that its visitors are given outstanding welcomes before enjoying an amazing summer in the country.

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