Blair highlights potential for West Bank tourism

by Tiffany Millar on September 23, 2010

Using the World Savers Congress as a platform, Tony Blair has proposed a daring new tourist scheme.

In a joint campaign between Israel and the Palestinians, the UK’s ex prime minister seeks to promote tourism on the West Bank as a means to foster growing peace negotiations between the two warring groups. Speaking at the World Savers Congress – sponsored by Conde Nast Traveller – the former PM, said that the West Bank was ripe with major opportunities both economical and political.

Blair – who now serves as a diplomat to the Middle East – strongly believes that tourism in the area will become both lucrative and resourceful for both sides of the conflict. He added that Israel will be able to promote religious tourism by earmarking the region’s numerous holy sites.

Since his appointment as envoy representing the US, UN, EU and Britain, Blair has actively sought out a solution to the ongoing internal struggles within the country. Since stepping down as Prime Minister, Blair has been filling this role for these four governing bodies.

The West Bank has been growing in tourist numbers drastically since five years ago. With its reputation as one of the most unstable world regions, the area is ripe with political and sometimes violent conflict. However, Blair has been adamant that the area is also a beautiful landscape filled with history that should be promoted for recreational travel.

According to the most recent figures, the number of tourists visits to Palestine alone have risen more than 600 per cent in the last few years. This year alone saw a 40 per cent increase in visitors to the area.

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