Boeing Dreamliner; BA and Thomson keep faith

by Alister POOLE on January 28, 2013

British Airways and Thomson this week both reiterated the confidence they have in the Boeing Dreamliner, in spite of fears that the aircraft might be grounded for a longer period of time than was originally thought.

Earlier, Japan’s transport ministry made the announcement that safety inspectors discovered no faults whatsoever with the 787’s battery. Initially, it had been believed that the battery was the most likely cause of the recent problems encountered by the aircraft, however other components will now be investigated.

Zafar Khan, a leading Societe Generale aviation analyst, explained that that the findings may “prolong” the grounding as if the battery isn’t the cause of the problems, the amount of cabling on the aircraft means that experts will have to go back to the drawing board. Worryingly for Boeing, the first British carriers that are due to have their Dreamliners delivered say that they are expecting to be able to launch their services at the time they had originally planned, remaining confident of the safety of the aircraft.

A spokesman representing Thomson Airways said that it is still due to have its first 787 delivered in late February, as scheduled, and still expects to fly the aircraft in a commercial manner from May 1 onwards on its routes from UK hubs such as Manchester, East Midlands, Gatwick and Glasgow to Florida and Mexico.

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