Boeing to deliver its first 787 Dreamliner

by William ASTON on September 26, 2011

American planemaker Boeing will deliver the first of its 787 Dreamliners later on today to All Nippon Airways of Japan, after three years of setbacks and delays.

As was widely documented, the Dreamliner was originally scheduled for delivery at some point in 2008 but Boeing has encountered a string of setbacks, with the latest one being a fire onboard during test flights at the start of the year.

The fuel-efficient plane has been made from composite materials that are lightweight, and Boeing has plans to make10 of the model every month as of 2013. Before it is flown to Tokyo, where it should land on Wednesday, the plane is going to be delivered in the town of Everett in Washington state.

Boeing says that the single-aisle plane comes equipped with the industry’s largest windows, lower cabin altitude, and much cleaner air. Together, those elements combine to allow passengers the comfort of being able to arrive at their final destinations much more refreshed than ever before.

While remaining positive, problems with the Dreamliner haven’t done much good for Boeing’s reputation. The company is hopeful that a memorable and incident-free launch will put to rest much of the bad memories of continuous delays it has previously suffered.

Currently, production of Dreamliners is running at around 2.5 planes a month. Insiders insist that the key is going to be attaining a 10-a-month target that Boeing is going to aim for in 2013.

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