Bombardier judicial review might receive city council funding

by Emily DUNBAR on September 6, 2011

Derby City Council will vote on whether or not a judicial review into a decision not to hand Bombardier the lucrative £1.4bn Thameslink contract should be funded.

So far, there is support from each party for the action, which is being prepared by Unite, the famous union. Councillors are going to vote on whether they should contribute towards Unite’s legal fees at a special meeting next week.

This follows a new survey from Unite that suggests 50 other British firms might shed jobs as a direct result of the decision. Philip Hickson, its leader, said that the authority made the decision to work with Unite upon taking advice from lawyers. Some advice was taken about the possibilities of a judicial review as we think that is the next legitimate step able to be pursued when considering how we should challenge the Thameslink decision, he commented.

Although the city council might launch such action on its own, albeit as an interested party, Unite is much stronger as it represents the workers at their sites directly. If the resolution is passed, explained Hickson, we will financially be able to launch action.

The first stage of a judicial review will cost Unite and Derby City Council around £12,000 but subsequent stages might end up costing thousands more. Repeatedly, the coalition government has defended the decision it made to name Siemens as the preferred bidder for this lucrative contract because it offers taxpayers much better value for money.

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