Bond connection sees Bognor Regis bookings soar

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on March 16, 2012

The unglamorous UK seaside resort Bognor Regis has experienced a sharp increase in visitor numbers after news of the decision to shoot scenes from an upcoming James Bond movie in the West Sussex town emerged. reported an increase of at least 40 per cent in hotel bookings across the town from January, which is when news that filming would take place there first broke. A spokesperson representing the website said that Bognor Regis as always been a seaside gem for the British public, yet hardly the first place that would spring to mind when considering Hollywood blockbuster filming locations.

Scouts are rumoured to have selected the austere surroundings of Bognor Regis after MGM, the film studio that will release Bond, was forced to slash the Bond movie’s budget after financial difficulties arose. Any remaining scenes will be shot at Pinewood Studios, as well as other parts of the UK and Turkey.

With previous Bond films having utilised exotic destinations including Jamaica, Thailand, Brazil, and Cuba, eyebrows certainly have been raised over the 23rd installment being left with no other option that to make do with traditional resorts such as Bognor Regis - home to a famous Butlin’s holiday camp for  over 50 years. The town first emerged as a popular holiday resort at the end of the 19th century, with King George V’s 1929 visit having propelled it to all-out nationwide fame.

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