Boris Johnson Promotes London Travel

by Alister POOLE on September 16, 2009

The travel and tourism industry, which represents one of the biggest industries in the world, has taken a huge hit in the year of 2009.  Concerns over the global economy joined with fear over the outbreak of the swine flu epidemic have caused many travelers to decide that this year’s holiday just wasn’t worth it.  This is especially true in cities like London, where the high cost of accommodation, food, and entertainment have scared away many travelers, who might normally visit the historic city.

Things have gotten so bad that the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, was in New York this week trying to promote London as the business capital of the world and one of its most important cities.  Mayor Johnson took meetings all week with people representing high finance and business, in an effort to rekindle the business relationship between New York and London and to try to bring some of that business and travel back to the capital of the United Kingdom.

The Mayor’s Economic Development Strategy, which he revealed earlier this year, was the focal point of most of his speeches as he encouraged businesses on both sides of the ocean to continue to use technology to drive business.  He spoke largely about the high tech, medical, and creative industries about their role in the global economy and how New York and London can work together to continue to be two of the world’s most influential centers of business.

Mayor Johnson hopes that by developing stronger business ties to the United States, London can regain some of its lost travel and tourism revenue by bringing in additional business travelers, who are amongst the most profitable for hotels and restaurants.

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