Branson reveals clean fuel vision

by William ASTON on December 6, 2011

Sir Richard Branson today aired hopes that planes can be powered by renewable fuels before the end of this decade, at the same time a scheme that analyses options for clean fuels was launched.

Branson has founded the Carbon War Room with the intention of helping drive entrepreneurial solutions for climate change and hopes to turn attention to the world of aviation industry in an attempt to cut at least a billion tonnes of harmful greenhouse gases.

Sir Richard pointed out that innovative new aviation fuels, which includes fuels sourced from carbon churned out by both steel and aluminium works, as well as from algae, are being developed. This new initiative has an aim of making sure investment is driven towards the most sustainable options for much cleaner fuels in the aviation industry, which currently contributes around 2-3% of all global carbon emissions.

Sir Richard said that the Carbon War Room aims to reduce carbon across sectors like the airline industry without the cause of any damage to economies or the planet’s environment and food supplies. He added that the airline industry might become one of the first to go from being dirty to clean – which would bring flight ticket prices down as producing biofuels is much cheaper than the current aviation fuel that is used.

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