Branson to Take Civilians to Space

by Alister POOLE on December 11, 2009

From the beginning of humankind man has looking up at the night sky and dreamed of going into space to observe the Earth and heavens from the same perspective as the stars.  Even though man has traveled in space, only a select few have actually gotten the opportunity to see what the planet looks like from miles above.  This may all soon change as Sir Richard Branson recently announced the development of the world’s first passenger shuttle, which could take ordinary citizens into space.  Branson claims that the Virgin Galactic Spaceship Two might be ready to take passengers into space as soon as 2011.  Branson will be among the first passengers on the maiden voyage of the ship, which he plans to make available to the public.

In addition to Branson and his ninety two year old father, famous people like physicist Stephen Hawking have also signed up to be among the first to travel to space in Branson’s newest craft.  Tests for the craft are to begin next year.  The vessel can hold up to six passengers at a time as well as two pilots, so seating will be limited, especially in the beginning, as many of the world’s elite have expressed an interest in traveling to space.  Aviation designer Burt Rutan teamed with Branson for the project, which he says will cost customers over one hundred thousand pounds per seat.  Thus far more than three hundred people have reserved or put down a deposit on seats in the craft.

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Danielle February 6, 2010 at 5:24 pm

Any idea how much a seat on one of these civilian trips would cost?

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