Brazil airports behind in World Cup upgrades

by Alfie FEATHERSTONE on April 18, 2011

Most of the airports being improved in Brazil for the World Cup 2014 are unlikely to be finished in time, according to a new report. As many as 10 of the 13 hubs being upgraded will not be completed by the June 2014 deadline, says Ipea – the Applied Economic Research institute which is backed by the Brazilian government.

In addition, Ipea also warned that 14 of the country’s 20 airports would be operating over their subscribed capacity, even if additional funding meant all would be upgraded by the time the tournament starts. It is expected that between 800,000 and a million visitors will come to Brazil during the Soccer World Cup.

Brazil, which is also hosting the Olympic Games in 2016, promised that it would be able to make upgrades to its infrastructure system as part of its winning bid to host the world’s biggest football competition. A brand new airport is supposed to be built in Natal, where several of the games will be played, and improvements to 13 airports are also underway.

Ipea has accused the state-owned airport authority Infraero of being inefficient when it comes to executing investment programmes. The country’s president, Dilma Rousseff, has said that the project could be opened up to private investors if it looks like the airports will not be ready in time.

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