Brit flown home after Thai holiday death

by Ella FAIRCHILD on March 10, 2011

The body of a British man who died in Thailand has been flown home after a mix up on his travel insurance form.  Philip Blakemore, 76, failed to mention that he had angina when filling out his travel insurance forms and therefore did not qualify for medical cover when his suffered two strokes while on a three-month holiday in Asia.

The family of the Blackpool man managed to raise thousands of pounds to bring him back to England for treatment but Mr Blakemore died before the trip was organised. He fell ill in January while away on a trip with his wife Vera.

Mr Blakemore’s son-in-law, Phil Green, said that after bringing his body home the family has finally got some closure. Despite raising a massive £26,000 from friends and family for an air ambulance and hospital bills, Mr Blakemore died last month before the trip home could be arranged.

The family had to wait to find out if the hospital in Pattaya would accept the money after Mr Blakemore’s death and use it to fly his body home. Mr Green said that family had to plead with the hospital’s humanitarian side and beg for them to help bring him back to Britain.

The body arrived back in Blackpool at the weekend and a funeral will be held next Tuesday. Mr Green said that his father-in-law’s wife and family can now lay him to rest peacefully and begin the grieving process.

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