British Airways fuel surcharge hiked by £12 on long-haul flights

by Jessica MCILHINNEY on February 7, 2011

As of Tuesday this week, travellers on British Airways will be obliged to pay a surcharge of between £75 and £125 in accordance with fight distance and ticket class. The company pins the increase on the rising cost of oil and jet fuel.

These changes in surcharge will not affect short-distance flights. However, people travelling first-class will pay £17 more per journey sector.

This increase follows a similar move that went into effect in December, when BA raised fuel surcharge by £10 per sector. Prior to that, there had not been an increase since June 2008. Between then, fees were twice reduced.

With the new increase, a return flight on BA will constitute a minimum surcharge of £24. Therefore, World Traveller flights over nine hours long, the difference will mean a charge of £88 per sector from the previous £76. Flights under nine hours will shoot up to £75 a sector from £63.

Flights longer than nine hours will see the surcharge increase from £94.50 a sector to £106.50 for World Traveller Plus. Shorter distances will go from £73 per sector to £85. An increase from £108 per sector to £125 is in effect for First and Club World flights over nine hours, with shorter hauls increasing from £88 per sector to £105.

Surcharges were put in place to help airlines with the increasing cost of jet fuel and now constitute a major chunk of the cost of a plane ticket.

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