British Airways Gets Help from High Court

by Alister POOLE on December 22, 2009

It seems as though the United Kingdom has been plagued with strikes over the last year which shows that the effects of the economy have been far reaching.  Earlier this year train employees walked out, shutting down some of Britain’s busiest routes, while a Royal Mail worker strike brought mail to a standstill and cost the country millions in lost business.  Most recently Eurostar drivers walked out, slowing down train service and causing delays to thousands of passengers who were already being slowed by the winter weather in London.  However, one business has managed to fend off a strike, which could have been a financial nightmare had it been allowed to happen.  With the airline industry struggling mightily as it is the news that a planned airline strike will not happen is fantastic news for the fledgling industry.

Cabin crews for British Airways had planned a twelve day strike that would have taken place during the holiday season, but it was stopped by an emergency injunction.  The High Court agreed with British Airways that a ballot taken on whether or not to strike was not valid because many of the signatures came from people who are no longer employed by the airline.  This means that the planned strike will likely not happen, which should be relief to the millions of passengers that could have potentially been affected by the walkout.

The Unite Labor Union, which represents the crews that were planning to walkout, has had to call off the strike, but said that it would hold a new ballot and that the issue was not dead.

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